From The Desk of the Publicity Secretary (PRO)

The Anioma National Association USA has embarked on an expansion policy project of planting a local chapter in all the 50 states in the USA. We also plan to strengthen the weak chapters thereby creating a strong and dynamic Apex organization of the Anioma people in the USA.

We are also working vigorously to bridge the gap between the diasporas by networking with all Anioma organizations around the globe especially in Nigeria. To have a solid presence and foundation in Nigeria, we are working on partnering with the Organization For The Advancement Of Anioma Culture (OFAAC), the producers of Anioma Essence Magazine. Plans are on the way for necessary signing of legal documents such as the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The association plans to have a strong influence in Anioma area of Delta State culturally, and to find ways to help and support our people.

Please stay tune for more updates. Visit us regularly and suggest ways of improving this site. Write to us at Thank you.

Michael Brian Odiakosa
National Public Relations Officer (PRO)
Phone: 678-650-9070



The story and struggle of the Anioma people of Delta State, Nigeria is yet to be told in totality and may not be realized until the Aniomas themselves begins to assimilate the scope of “Aniomaism”. Anioma is an identity not a social acronym to be used when conducive. Anioma is a consciousness of self identity of a particular people from different ethnic groups or tribes who settled in the Northwest of the River Niger area. Like Kunta Kinte, the story must be told and the people must thrive no matter how long it lingers.

I am deeply disturbed that most Aniomas do not understand neither do they comprehend the philosophy behind the “Anioma identity”. I can understand and appreciate the confusion caused by the acculturation with the Igbo, Benin, Ishan and Urhobo neighbors however, no one can define us but ourselves, no one can tell our story like ourselves. 
Passiveness have caused many Anioma advocates to sit unperturbed. Many play the part of a “Lone Ranger” due to lack of courage or discouragement from community service -the sharp wagging tongues of envy and jealousy but I have good news to declare today. That Anioma will one day soon thrive and be recognized around the world as an entity of a people irrespective of the irresponsibility of some of our kings and political leaders who have failed to passionately push the spirit of Anioma forward. 
May I boldly declare that Aniomas are not Igbos neither are they Binis or Ishans. We are Anioma people and that’s who we are.
This is not a tribalistic statement, it’s an awakening consciousness for me. The truth that exists before me and propagated by many before me.

The Aniomas are not exclusive of the greater Nigeria or any other people. We claim no superiority over another. We are all one people, different identities. 
ANIOMA comprises of Aniocha, Ndokwa, Ika and Oshimili local governments of Delta State. None of these local governments are superior over another. We are a wholesome egg.

Anioma people are hereby, once again, encouraged to be proud of our root, to speak our different dialects freely and proudly. To put on our Akwa Ocha with pride. To promote our culture and tradition.

Michael Brian Odiakosa