Anioma Association USA Convention 2016

The Anioma National Convention, 2016: Matters Arising.

Report by Emeka Esogbue (Anioma Essence Magazine, Nigeria)

The much talked about Anioma National Convention, themed ‘Preserving Anioma Heritage through Education” has come and gone but the euphoric atmosphere it created will remain for a long time to come. Perhaps, what is now news is that Anioma Association USA Inc, Georgia Chapter, organizers of the event is gradually emerging as the most vocal assembly of Anioma people in Diaspora. Where some Anioma groups have been troubled with disunity, this particular organization has stood firmly and by gathering Anioma people at home and abroad and bringing them under the Anioma canopy of love and unity, the organization, not only demonstrated the possibility of easily uniting a people but challenged other Anioma organizations to create public facilities to meet for public discussions for the good of our people. Any assembly of Anioma people in Diaspora capable of inviting Anioma monarchs and other important figures within the Anioma nation as we just witnessed in Anioma Association USA Inc, Georgia Chapter is worth its salt.

slider5atlantaaniomaFriday July 1-Sunday July 3, 2016, Anioma people gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in a sort of social unit patterned to advance the Anioma cause. It was an annual convention, strategic and informative in nature with a new vision for engagement of the Anioma people from Aniocha, Oshimili, Ika and Ndokwa towards the development of the Anioma area of Delta State. The event also offered ‘new thinking for social cohesion, moral values and sustainable development in Anioma and Delta State in general’. Noteworthy is that the event has always served as a torchbearer in supporting Anioma cultural values with global anticipations, understanding of critical issues of the time, challenges and engagement of relevant stakeholders for sustainable development of the various communities that make up the region as derivable benefits.

With the manner the organization, Anioma Association USA, Inc is moving, one is never in doubt that the businesses and activities of the group are sure to open new vista of communication and engagement of the right people towards the attainment of the Anioma people’s cerebral cause. The Anioma people therefore have no choice but to support this noble cause, which now particularly and distinctly stands out as a catalyst provider of roadmap towards the growth and development of the Anioma area through intercultural dialogue, social orientation, cultural integration and tourism development in the area.

Many thanks to the leaders of the organization and all those who worked hard to ensure that the event happened such as Greg Odiaka, the National President, Martin Chukwurah, Georgia Chapter President, Michael Brian Onyekali Odiakosa, the Vice-President, especially who ensued that a good number of Anioma figures back home joined that Georgia kinsmen and women in USA to make the event a reality, Iyke Emina, National PRO, Judy Mordi, National Social Secretary and Michael Efeyini, the Chair, Planning Committee.

Also worthy of note is that at the convention, an election held in which the following officers emerged to handle the organization:

1.Victor Ngozi Kwentua- President
2. Edwin Obune- Vice-President
3. Enefazu Otuya- General Secretary
4. Iyke Emina- Assistant General secretary
5. Michael Brian Odiakosa – PRO
6. Kenedy Okafor- Treasurer
7. Michael Efeyini- Financial secretary
8. Judy Mordi – Social Secretary

Highlights of the event were live performance by Ogbogu Okonji, a popular Anioma traditional musician of Ekobe genre who came all the way from Nigeria to entertain his Anioma people and inauguration of Anioma Youth Wing with about one hundred Anioma youths from around United States of America among others.

Special guests at the event included HRH (Obi) Dr. Afamefuna Kikachukwu, the Obi of Ubulu Unor, HRH (Obi) Charles Chukwuwinke Anyasi III, the Obi of Idumuje Unor, Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Nwaomu of Giddy’s Place representing the Organization for the Advancement of Anioma Culture (OFAAC), Asaba; Professor Emeritus Chief Augustine Esogbue, Mr. Elofu Dike, Managing Dike, Espana Hotel, Asaba, Hon Ohzed Okwudishu, a former Chairmanship candidate for the Oshimili North Local Government election and among others.